Brass engraved business card sample

Its been a long while since an update to the blog. I have been up to bits and bobs but not writing it up. I have made a small amount of progress on the Cyana but a lot of my time has been spent making carbon fiber panels for a Ginetta G40 for a mate.

This evening I had ago at a completely different project for a friend. I was asked to come up with a concept for a business card that stands out from the crowd for a consultancy company that they are starting. I think the inspiration was the business card scene from American psycho.


I started off by cutting out some bits of brass to the size if and ATM card to use as a blank.


Then I moved on to hand filling a radius on each of the corners. on this card each corner is different so that I can see how they feel in the hand, because its not made from a flexible stock this is surprisingly important.

Some 320 grit left too the shine off everything and softened all the edges nicely.

I think the side that has a slight belly out and larger radius feels best, but I will ask what some other people think befor committing to the shape.


I forgot to take any photos setting up the resist on the card. But after that it was hooked up to a car battery charger and left for 25 minuets in salt water to etch.


I have things a bit of agitation with an old tooth brush during the process witch I’m fairly sure was a bad idea as I dislodged some of the resist about 20 minuets in to the process.



The end result after a wipe down with a rag and a drop of oil. I will have an experiment with adding some patina befor a final polish of the raised sections for a bit of variety on some of the other samples.

I will be intreated to see what other finishes and patina can be achieved with a bit of vinegar or Liver of Sulphur.


Its a bit rough round the edges but as a proof of concept, I’m happy with the final result.

The next step to make do a small batch is to draw the final shape in CAD and pack a bunch on to a single sheet of brass so that they can be laser cut leaving small tabs so all the cards are held in place in the sheet. Masks from vinyl can then be applied and a number of cards etched at once.



Kouga Monza




I was having a look on eBay to see if there was interning when I came across this Kouga Monza. Its a replica or at least very heavily inspired by the 1958 750 Ferari Monza. A car I have a picture of on the wall at home, its quite tempting to go for a look.

KougaMonza kouga Monza 2


Picking up the exhaust and Little Moreton Hall

Emma and I drove down to Stoke to pick up the exhaust from Rob at Cyana sports cars. On the way back we dropped in to Little Moreton hall, a tudor wooden framed building with no foundations built on a marsh. This had led to the building being wonderfully higgledy piggledy with out a flat floor in the entire building.

2015-05-30 13.08.06 2015-05-30 13.30.52

The long gallery on the right above is on the third story and there is probably around a meter of deviance in the floor.

2015-05-30 13.32.55 2015-05-30 13.22.21

2015-05-30 13.30.11

Quarry Bank Mill

This afternoon we went out for a walk at Quarry Bank Mill a local national trust property. I have visited a number of the other national trust houses in the area and enjoyed them. However the mill really is a great juxtaposition of the industrial in beautiful country side surrounding. Its only 10 minuets from home I’m confident we will be back.

2015-05-23 15.49.17 2015-05-23 16.13.01 2015-05-23 15.51.21

As well as the mill. There is also section of the workers village that you can wonder round. Witch manages to feel like a tiny hamlet despite being 5 minuets from the airport and 15 minuets from the city centre (OK ,on a good day when there is no traffic).

2015-05-23 16.39.43 2015-05-23 16.33.40

The whole lot is set in some lovely park land that you can wonder around.

2015-05-23 16.10.53 2015-05-23 15.45.12 

2015-05-23 16.04.45


We did not even have time to look in the mill buildings

Despite the fact that I’m in my early thirties, membership to the national trust is one of the best Christmas presents, I have ever received. You can head out to do and see all sorts of interesting stuff locally. I have lived in the Manchester area for 11 or so years now and had never hear of this place. Until I looked in the National Trust book over brunch, while trying to decide what to do today.

Fule tank volume

I have just been measuring up the chassis so that I can have a fuel tank made up for the car. I’m assuming a worse case fuel use of 27.o mpg (based on a Caterham R500), but expect to get better than this. So convert mpg to mpl because I work better in metric

27.0 mpg / 4.54609 (gallons to liters) = 5.9392 mpl

2015-04-12 19.21.35

Using the tank profile shown above that will fit nicely above my diff with in the chassis and a tank that is 60.0cm long then I have a total fuel tank volume of 28.8L or a range of around 171 miles. For every cm the tank depth is extended I gain an extra 1.2 L of fuel which gives me 7.1 miles of additional range.

So I’m considering making the tank 4 cm deeper to add an additional 4.8 L of volume to the tank. with the aim of extending the range to approximately 200 miles.

Does any body have approximate mpg for a light car running a 2l Duratec, failing that how big is your fuel tank and would you like a larger one?


Inspirational builds

Two great projects, I have been following for a while that more people realy should know about.

1. GT6 aluminium body, re-skinning a GT6 with an aluminium body, some changes to the styling that improve the looks of the car. Demonstrate metal working kills that I can only dream of.

2.  Lola T70 Spyder, recreating the a T70 body, start to finished article. Amassing attention to detail.