Belts and radiator mount


Nipped to the work shop to get some quick jobs done.

2015-12-03 20.27.36

first I measured up for the alternator belt by wrapping a bit of flex round all the pulleys pulling it tight marking up and taking it off to measure. it’s 1.35m or less 6v belt I need i should be able to get one at the weekend.

2015-12-03 21.13.22

Then I started making the bracket to mount the radiator. it’s made from folded aluminum sheet and I’m hopping it will form a crush structure with the radiator in the event of a collision, hopefully saving the chassis. this is an idea I got from DP cars and seams to work well there.


Bits and bobs

Filled with enthusiasm because of the wheels I went down to the work shop to get some stuff done.

2015-05-28 22.14.42

I started out by wrapping the first parts of the engine loom and permanently tagging it in to place on the chassis.

2015-05-28 22.59.20 2015-05-28 23.00.44 2015-05-28 23.00.37

Then moved on to looking at locations to mount the battery, I’m planning on putting the dry sump tank in the section of chassis after the passenger foot well and I don’t feel comfortable having the battery next to the tank because it will get hot. The obvious location are the passenger foot well, on top of the gear box or maybe down by the steering rack, I have not decided yet.

2015-05-28 22.44.52

Finally a couple of weeks ago I notched this rail so that the steering rack UJ does not catch, so I bent up a plate to close the rail. I just need to borrow a MIG welder and weld it in then the steering can go back in permanently.

Master cylinders and pedal box

The master cylinders arrived from car builder solutions, along with the low fluid level switches that are a requirement for IVA

2015-03-13 14.54.31

Once the cylinders where on the car its obvious that the clutch and rear brake cylinders are two close together to put the caps on witch is a pit of a pain. however with a bit of giggling stuff about, I recon that if I make up a couple of 10mm or so spacers like the one below. The two brake cylinders can be stood off the bulkhead and everything will go together with out any problems.

2015-03-13 15.44.35 $(KGrHqNHJBUE+MeTZFqiBQSlvDqs5!~~60_57


The next issue is the spacing of the clutch cylinder to the clutch pedal a traditional clevis wont fit so I will have to make one up.

2015-03-13 15.44.44


I should get the chance to draw the bits up during the week and get all the bits sent for laser cutting.

Some quick jobs

I got away from work a little early today, so that I could drop of some bits, with a local machining firm. Then went down to the workshop to take a couple of pictures of the bits I did not get photos of yesterday.

2015-03-04 19.30.00 2015-03-04 19.29.47

You can see the cut outs for the master cylinders, and the throttle pedal and linkage in place. Once I have passivated the pivot bar I will finish assembling the pedal box. This is the area of the car that I am least happy with so far, I might come back and improve them. However once the master cylinders engine and exhaust are in place. you will not be able to see the bits that annoy.

2015-03-04 19.30.19

Clutch master cylinder size for my reference. I have decided to go with master cylinders that incorporate the reservoir. The three Master cylinders are probably the next purchase.

I’m back to working in france next week. So I will have plenty of time to look for and order the bits required to move the build forward. Unfortunately this means I won’t get much done next week.


Bits and bobs.

Nipped down to the work shop for a couple of hours this evening to get some more done.

2015-03-03 19.29.13 2015-03-03 19.30.08

I managed to get all the bits for the bottom rose join measured up. Doctor Derek Doctors on locost builders makes kits to fit all the bits together for a reasonable price. So I suspect I will be ordering some bits from him soon.

2015-03-03 20.01.51

Then I moved on to fitting the rose joints for the steering column. everything is finger tight for the time being for two reasons, one I’m not sure if you need to remove the joints to put the steering column in the car and two I did not have any spanners that fit the nuts in the workshop.

Unfortunately my phone went flat at this point, so there are no other pictures. but I also cut out the holes for the brake master cylinders and started to assemble the throttle pedal linkage. Basically lots of small time consuming stuff that does not photo to well.

Odds and sods

Emma is rehearsing for a panto, at the moment so there is lots more time during the week for doing car stuff :-).  So I popped down to the work shop for a couple of hours to see what I could get done. The main jobs I wanted to get done today where cutting down some bolts for a couple of bits. Unfortunately I broke the last hack saw blade I had so I will need to pick up some on the way home tomorrow.

2014-12-03 21.59.04 2014-12-03 21.59.19


The other job was to open up the hole on the side of the drivers foot well so that the pedal pivot can be inserted or removed. I used the drill and some 400 grit to polish up the pivot so that it could be fitted. I’m tempted to drill the end and fit a grease nipple, before final assembly.

2014-12-03 22.10.50 2014-12-03 22.10.56

The last job of the day was to drop the rear tub on chassis so that I could have a think about what I would do for the sills in the cot-pit. It’s amassing how much bigger this makes the car look.

Floor and Engine



John one of my friends came over to the work shop and helped me turn the car over and get the floor in position on top of the sikaflex. We then taped all the rivets in to place ready for popping.. As I have said previously, most Kit car build blogs seam to show a shot of the floor with hundreds of rivets weighting to be popped. hear are mine, there are around 300 rivets in the floor. I have used about 700 rivets so far.

2014-11-30 19.14.07 2014-11-30 19.47.32


before the floor was riveted in place, I gave all the tubes a good spray of cavity wax through the rivet holes and then put a bead of Sikaflex on the tubes. Note to self but more Sikaflex.

2014-11-30 21.29.27

John then helped me urn the car up the right. and went to compete in an online racing league in  iRaceing, apparently a number of the guys also compete in real cars as well.


2014-11-30 20.14.33

The engine pixe turned up and put the engine in while I was not looking. the Land-rover engine mounts are exactly the right size to put the front engine steady on as well. which is a relief.

2014-11-30 22.17.52 2014-11-30 22.17.59

Finally Emma stopped in on the way home from rehearsals to pick me up. Seeing her in the car really brings it home to me how small the car is. Especially as with it on axle stands as it is now its a lot higher than it will be when its on its wheels.

2014-11-30 22.18.08 2014-11-30 22.17.45

I think that progress will show now as I have a couple of components to weight on before the build can more forward again.