Guns Sumps and Flywheels

This morning Emma and I went clay pigeon shooting at little mill, it was great fun. I have been a couple of times before for a stag dos and relay enjoyed it, but Emma has never had a go.

2014-03-09 11.22.30 2014-03-09 11.24.22

Emma had a go and got a good few hits, however now has a big bruise just above her elbow. Were not sure what it came from as its miles away from where she where she was mounting the gun (juvenile grin) on her shoulder. It was resnobaly busy but every body was very friendly, and our instructors was great. If you ever get the opportunity to have a go I would recommend it.

2014-03-09 12.42.37

After shooting we went for a bit of a walk up the other side of the valley, this reminded me how nice some of the scenery  is close to where we live. Hopefully we will get out and make more of it this year.

On to car stuff. I had previously mounted the oil pump on to the Race line sump. However I found that I then needed to file the edge of the adapter that mounts to the block other wise I could not slide the oil pump on to the addapter on the block.

2014-03-09 19.36.05 2014-03-09 20.22.17

the picture on the left shows the three bolts that hold the oil pump to the sump. the picture on the right shows all the bolts in with lock tight and torque seal.

2014-03-09 21.05.212014-03-09 21.06.07

The light weight flywheel I have needs shorter bolts than the dual mass one that I removed so I had purchased some ARP bolts. The quality of the bolts is relay good I found that a 19mm standard socket was a good fit you can’t use a six sided socket on the bolts. The included data sheet says that if lubricated with 30wt oil that they need to be done up to 105 ft lbs which is 142.4 Nm according to Google and this handy conversion table. You can also see one end of the standard Duratec bypass hose that I scavenged to check if its fits. Once I have filed down the side of the unused EGR mounting it will fit perfectly.

2014-03-09 21.26.52

I dry assembled the pressurize plate to check that every thing fits and to check that I have the right bolts (unfortunately I don’t). The pressure plate is held on with 6 * 8mm 1.25 bolts 10mm long.

Finally does any body know if you can put the spigot bearing in backwards? I ask because once its in there I don’t think its coming out in a hurry.


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