New tools and wiring

Another brief absence from car building is as an end. However having been in the work shop for a couple of hours this evening, I might take some more time off its cold. I dont think I have felt that cold since I helped a friend do an engine swap out side in February in Dollar.

Following the final clear out of bits from work I have acquired a pillar drill. The plan is to put a plug on it and see how it runs like most of the other bits and bobs it baerly seams to have been used.

I made up a number of power leads using cable and crimps from eBay and a bit of heat shrink to keep it all looking good. The photos showing everything run in don’t look all that good so I will have to come back and tidy up.

One of the reasons I have been out of the work shop so long is I have been weighting for the fuel pile and fittings to arrive, they where ordered in mid December and arrived last week. So its time to push on.





More Alternator belt shinanigens

So after two more trips back to euro car parts to pick up the wrong  I belt. I came home with  6PK 1310 which fits and would probably fit with an oversized water pump under drive pulley as well.

I have also been on a bit of an eBay spending spree, silicon hoses, -6 fitting fuel hoses, -6 fittings and fuel pump and filter mount should be turning up over the next couple of days so I can get on with some car building between Christmas and the new year.

The list of stuff that needs doing before the engine can be started is getting shorter. It’s getting very tempting to set a first start deadline.



Alternator belts

So I learnt something new about belts today the 6PK1352 belt showen below has 6 ribs and is 1352mm in length. Unfortunately even with all that knowledge the belt is still the wrong size.

2015-12-15 21.02.40

Back to euro car parts tomorrow to see if that have either a 6PK1250 or 6PK1300 in stock.

New tools and water rail finishing

The company I work for has decided to move a small machine shop to the other end of the building. In the move a number of tools where going to end up in the skip so early christmas for me. I have gained a load of good bits and bobs, including a full set of files. Some of the spanners are very large 45mm to 50mm I can’t see me using them any time soon but who knows.

2015-12-13 19.38.44

There where a number of files so I finally finished of  cleaning up the water rail. Using a center punch to clear the ‘e’ then a needle file to tidy the rest of the details. Finishing up with some 600 grit wet and dry to give it a nice mat finish.

last job of the day was to plan the water hose route and order some silicon hoses from ebay.



Belts and radiator mount


Nipped to the work shop to get some quick jobs done.

2015-12-03 20.27.36

first I measured up for the alternator belt by wrapping a bit of flex round all the pulleys pulling it tight marking up and taking it off to measure. it’s 1.35m or less 6v belt I need i should be able to get one at the weekend.

2015-12-03 21.13.22

Then I started making the bracket to mount the radiator. it’s made from folded aluminum sheet and I’m hopping it will form a crush structure with the radiator in the event of a collision, hopefully saving the chassis. this is an idea I got from DP cars and seams to work well there.

Alternator and radeator

After a great summer out and about, I finally made it back to the work shop to get some stuff done.

2015-11-29 19.10.48 2015-11-29 19.10.57

I have finally sorted out the alternator using parts from the Cosworth kit, you can order all the parts separately from burton power and an alternator sourced from the manufacturer to keep the costs down a bit. All I have left to do is measure up for a belt and another bit is complete.

2015-10-31 16.27.45 2015-10-31 16.31.53 2015-10-31 17.11.49

looking at aluminium radiators on ebay and found this Elise radiator (i’m fairly sure its the same as a rover 25) with fans for a great price so one impulse purchase later and it fits snugly up fount. I had been hopping to lean it forward but its just to big so it will get mounted leaning back as shown with the fans on the fount.



More bonnet sanding


My case went missing on the way home from the US, luckily however it turned up last night, containing both my cloths and some clamps and bits I purchased in harbour freight so I’m a happy chap.

2015-08-04 20.26.46


Sorry for the boring post, I’m trying to convince my self that I am making progress and not just converting paint to the dust you can see all over the floor. I started of sanding back the filler on the wheel arches, you can see from how much more of the paint has been taken of the left arch that there it was a much bigger low spot.


2015-08-04 21.14.39 2015-08-04 21.14.44


Then I worked on sorting out the concave radiuses, because I can’t get to them with the DA they need sanding by hand witch takes much longer despite the fact that I’m using 180 for hand sanding and 240 on the DA, one bonus is that because I’m wet sanding it keep the dust under control. Most of the bonnet is now basically flat and good, the edges need a little attention and there are one or two other areas that need touching up.


2015-08-04 21.14.50


The last job of the day was another skim of filler over the arches.


2015-08-04 21.19.31 2015-08-04 21.19.37


I should get back to the work shop tomorrow and rub the filler back and maybe get the whole part to 240 to 340. The other odd thing I have noticed, while sanding stuff is that once things are flat going up through the grits above 400 it seam to go a bit quicker. I guess because you are taking much less of by that point.